Master of Social Work’ should be replaced by ‘Master of Development Social Work’: Dr. Sanjoy Roy

Dr. Sanjoy Roy,
Associate Professor, Department of Social Work, University of Delhi.

The concept ‘Indianisation of Social Work’ is not a new term using now a days. In the contemporary time, I have already raised question and construct my argument on it (since 2015-16), though it was started during 70s and why western therapeutic or clinical model is not suitable for the developing country like India and the Western given name i.e. ‘Master of Social Work’ should be replaced by ‘ Master of Constructive Social Work’ (MCSW) or ‘Master of Development Social Work(MDSW).

If you read my Book, published in early 2018 by Rawat Publication (submitted to publisher in 2015) in the Chapter i.e. ‘Challenges of Social Work Today’, you will find it and also find what actually Indianisation is, why & how much Indianisation of Social Work is required now. You will also be acquainted with how our age old rich Indigenous intellectual traditions, multi-cultural theories & multi-dimensional issues & problems, structures, several theories of traditional culture & history, and age old democratic values & ethics could help to transform more into community & action based Indianisation of social work today developing our own indigenous theories, models, skills, techniques & literature replacing Western-centric colonialistic & capitalistic imposition. Many suggestions are also given in my book how to strengthen our social work practicum & overall social work pedagogy, what should be an Ideal Social Work Department etc.

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