To support NGOs, HCL Foundation launched HCL Grant

HCL Foundation announced the launch of HCL Grant to support NGOs and individual social leaders who are implementing projects for upliftment and development of the country. A sum of Rs 100 crore would be spent over the period of next 5 years through this initiative. In its first year, one winning NGO will receive a grant of Rs 5 crore.

The  ‘Going to School’ NGO will receive the first HCL awards grant.  The winning NGO was selected from six finalists. The  ‘Going to School’ NGO was established in 2003 as a charitable trust with an aim to create interactive stories of role model that would inspire children to stay in school.

Why HCL Grant

HCL believes that NGOs are the critical change agents for promoting socio-economic development of rural India. The recent report on outcomes of Millennium Development Goals indicate that India has halved the incidence of poverty from the 1990 levels because of both economic growth (including agriculture) as well as increased social spending on key government interventions on livelihood and rural health. However, our nation is now ranked third among all countries for generating carbon footprint. It means that there is a very high consumption of land, water, and similar resources by the people. Still 37.5% of India’s population is living under poverty; their lives are managed by less than USD 1.25 per day. This clearly shows the divergence in the economic growth and if India has the highest number of people living in poverty, it reflects the great inequality that exists in terms of people’s capability to access the resources available for them every day.

If we need to improve people’s capability to access resources and improve lives, the existing community development actions by any entity have to be implemented with rigor. This can happen only if NGOs come up with innovative actions that are scalable and replicable; and this innovation can happen only if the NGO is greedy to bring change faster than what is envisioned by the Government or other stakeholders.

HCL Grant is for such NGOs who are greedy for good. The grant is for strengthening the capacity and capability of these NGOs, who are very passionate about rural development and are working towards a sustainable tomorrow.


  • HCL Grant is an effort of HCL to support NGOs who are committed to rural development in India.
  • The focus is to identify NGOs who have made significant impact in rural transformation, and support them to sustain and scale existing programs or support new programs.
  • The unique aspect of this grant is that the NGOs are not only selected based on the “idea” but are also recognized for their power to transform ideas into result-oriented projects and thereby develop the villages in a sustainable way.



  • Education and skills training in rural India.
  • The NGO selected shall receive a grant of maximum INR 5 Crore over a period of 3 years.

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