‘Intelligence Tradecraft: An Art of Trapping the Enemy’ (Book Review)

Intelligence Tradecraft: An Art of Trapping the Enemy (Author : Uday Kumar)

This is a very interesting look into India’s human intelligence protocol and capabilities by the Senior Central Armed Police Force officer Uday Kumar. This book predominantly focuses on rudimentary operational tradecraft with information on spotting and handling agents, communications methods and surveillance. The Elicitation and Cover Alibi of the book are very dated (to U.S. standards) and limited in depth and scope. A lot of the information discussed could be found on-line. One chapter that I found interesting was on the training of spotting of talent and informant gathering in Naxal area, it was an excellent chapter.


Overall it is a pretty good read for the intelligence professional, just for the fact that there are limited publications on the subject of human intelligence outside of the USA and UK. And it provides some interesting tid-bits of information on intelligence operation by a non-western country. As a reader, research helps anyone get it right, and this book is one of those resources that will help for knowing the Art of Trapping the Enemy. It is a nice book, though with the trademark of many intelligence books I have read: nothing original and independent; the author acknowledges that his country, India, uses US and UK templates in its intelligence operations. Book is easily and readily available on all the Online portal including Amazon, Flip kart and Snapdeal. Even CIA curator of central library Hayden Peake also published review in CIA annual journal in 2014. I suggest you must read once this book to know the game of chasing the Nation’s enemy behind the curtain.

Media Reviews / By : Vikash K. Singh (Freelance Journalist)
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